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1. Purchase Package

Purchase one of our packages from the list below.
Note: You must read and agree to our Qualification Policy.

2. Application Approval

After we receive your payment we will review your application and your website. 
Once we ensure your website adheres to our guidelines we will send you a confirmation email, informing you that we are ready to start processing your order.

In the case where we decide not to proceed, we will refund you the full amount of your order.

3. Research

During this phase, we analyze your brand messaging through your blog posts and social media account.
We aim to understand what is the unique contribution you are bringing to your audience and attempt to figure out what it is that makes your audience loves you!
We then analyze all the Wikipedia posts that are closely related to your subject.

4. Link Placement

After carefully reviewing all the relevant Wikipedia pages we found, we will make an edit to a niche-relevant page that is thematically relevant to your target URL.
This way not only you are getting a backlink from one of the most trusted sources on the planet, but it is also in a niche that is related to the topic of your brand.
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Questions & Answers

All About The WikiWookiees

Yes! We are proud to be the only vendor that supports more than 90 different Wikipedia extensions.
We want you to not only get a backlink from a Wikipedia page that is related to your website, but to also get it in the same language!

Our process is 100% legitimate.
We do the research, we determine how to add value to a Wikipedia page and tie to your brand’s message.
Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the changes are going to be accepted.
If we cannot deliver the results we will reimburse you for your order.
9/10 placements we make stick for the long haul!
Full transparency is the key to a happy business relationship!

We would love to accept and help every website owner.
Nevertheless, the Wikipedia guidelines are strict and vary across different business fields.
After you submit your order we will review the websites and contact you if we need to make amendments in your order.

We advise our customers to build informational blog posts that are newsworthy and add value.
This will substantially increase the probability of getting accepted by the Wikipedia review committee and, most importantly, drive traffic and sales to your business.
Providing value to a user already reading a Wikipedia article is like having your foot in the door with a potential customer.

After we conclude our research and place the link, it rarely gets removed.
In the unlikely case that our backlink gets lost within the warranty period, we will replace it with a new one, free of charge.

Our end-to-end process usually takes 7-10 business days.
In some cases it can take up to 14-18 business days.

You are welcome to provide any URL you wish to target. Some popular examples from our customers are:

  • Company Website
  • Blog Posts
  • Affiliate Site
  • eCommerce Store
  • YouTube Video
  • Online Marketplace (Amazon, eBay, iTunes)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)

Our Wookiee services are tailored to the business owner who wants to be extra careful and secure when building backlinks.
We do extensive research on the topics, the existing backlinks, and the authors of an existing Wikipedia article.
We want to cover all the bases and be extra cautious as it’s common that websites get banned from Wikipedia due to services that try to insert placements in thousands of articles through bots and black hat techniques.
This can have dire implications to your online property, so we advise the reader to exercise caution when choosing the company they wish to do business with.
Us Wookiees have a name to uphold!
That’s why we choose to take a fixed amount of clients at any given time.
This way, we can ensure our undivided attention to the task at hand and deliver the best results in the market.